Market Segment

Based on our experience in developing and implementing various systems in the last 17 years combined, we are classifying our business into some segments : Government and Enterprise, Green Energy, Logistic and Transportation, Manufacturing and Internet Traffic. Those segments were born from long history of our experienced in completed projects. Many factors influenced us to choose these segments: awareness to get focused on fields which we are experts about, desire to have our global quality eminent products, and economics scale of each segment.

IT Business

RSSB specializes in Network Consultation and Implementation, Technology and Process Reviews, System Integration, Security Implementation, Desktop solutions and Data Center Infrastructure.


RSSB flagship product which is a digital recording system that includes voice and video recording and speech to text transcription. This system combine the latest in hi-fidelity recording with high definition video capturing that will be processed via a state of the art automatic speech recognition engine to generate formatted text transcripts.

"We specialize in a holistic approach to business change and technology innovation..."