Market Segment

Government and Enterprise

RSSB is a strategic information technology company specializing in consulting, projects and outsourcing for public sector and mid-to-large market organizations. We provide the services, among others to consult and develop e-government solutions, Enterprise and Office applications, groupware and portal solution, Infrastructure/Hardware and network Implementation.

Logistic and Transportation Segment

In Logistic and Transportation segment, we provide services for consultation and development of Asset Management, Fleet Tracking, RFID/GPS Based Tracking system, Automated Fare Collection system, Platform Screen Door and Traffic Demand Management.

Green Energy Segment

In Green Energy segment, RSSB offers offers solution to provide full assessment and designing a customized and dependable Green Datacenter requirement for all small, medium and/or large enterprises, in compliance with regulatory bodies.
RSSB also offers LED based solutions for Lighting, Billboard and energy saving application.

Manufacturing Segment

In Manufacturing segment, RSSB works with a strategic systems, i.e: MES (Manufacturing Execution System) provides mission-critical information of the entire manufacturing process in real time. With our integrated manufacturing solution, company can greatly improve their productivity.

Internet Traffic Management

In Internet Traffic Management, RSSB provides solutions for high performance web cache platform. JAGUAR5000 of ARA Networks, Korea provides local delivery of web contents to enable ISP and companies to accelerate downloads and improve user's experience. ISPs and companies can easily scale their networks to accomodate expanding traffic and content distribution requirements.

"Based on our experience in developing and implementing various systems in the last 17 years combined, we are classifying our business into some segments : Government and Enterprise, Green Energy, Logistic and Transportation, Manufacturing and Internet Traffic."